Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Miquel's only available in the USA?

Due to the complexity and logistics of exporting Miquel’s olive oil outside of Spain, we have decided to focus our efforts on one international market so that we can provide timely grove-to-table deliveries for all our customers.  Brian, one of the founders of The Miquel’s Project, is also from San Diego, California so connecting with friends, family, and fans in the USA was a logical next step.

How is Miquel's different from supermarket olive oil?

Miquel’s organic olive oil is produced from olives grown on our family’s estate (hence the ‘single estate’ messaging we often refer to).  Nearly all of the olive oil you will find in supermarkets (including ‘organic’ oil) is mass produced by large industry players.

The sad truth is that most single estate olive oils from Spain never make it to the USA.  The cost to grow organic olives, protect them against the weather, handle pests, manage import/export logistics, and then create a brand is simply too much for most growers.

This is the main reason why so many growers sell their oil to mass-market brands and cooperatives that combine oil from numerous regions (and often countries) to sell to retailers in bulk.

Take a look at olive oil bottles at your local supermarket.  Grab the first ‘Italian’ olive oil you come across and you will most likely see “Packed in Italy” on the bottle.  Now turn the bottle over and read the fine print.  Most of the time the label will read “oil from Italy, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Tunisia” etc.

This ‘mixing’ of oil can greatly affect quality.  Quality olive oil comes down to a number of factors and oil oxidation is very high on the list.  Most growers try to minimize oxidation by reducing the time it takes to get their olives from tree to bottle.  This is difficult to manage on a single estate, let alone trying to coordinate the operation across different regions or countries!

At Miquel’s, we don’t use industrial growing or harvesting practices like most commercial brands.  We also don’t blend our oil with other estates so that we can sell a few extra bottles.

Our father has spent the last two decades personally tending to the olive trees on our family estate, S’Olivar de Son Reixach, and we take pride in making authentic single estate oil, just as our ancestors have done for centuries.

What size are the Miquel's olive oil bottles?

All bottles are 500ml / half liter.

Why can't a buy a single bottle of Miquel's?

Miquel’s is one of the only estate’s in Spain that ships olive oil direct from our grove.  We consolidate shipments in order to reduce the total cost of shipping to the USA.